Plantes & Sport

Plants & Sports


We know that athletes are fond of dietary supplements based on proteins or multivitamins. But in reality, there is a very strong link between plants and sport, because athletes find many benefits in plants, whether in terms of their performance, their form but also their health in general. They are a real support for those who practice a sport.

One of the hottest herbs right now is spirulina. It is an algae which is composed of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and proteins (65%!). Spirulina plays the role of antioxidant (purifier and protector), it also contains the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body, the immune system and the nervous system. It increases endurance and resistance.

Ginseng is a star for athletes because it generally contributes to well-being and health. This plant is a tonic acting subtly on the whole organism.

Nettle is a plant rich in nutrients and especially in silicon. It is beneficial for joints and tendons. It increases resistance to shocks and sudden movements made by athletes.


Motivation, determination and passion are important elements to stay focused on the sport but it is important to have a good sleep cycle. Ashwagandha is the plant for you. Indeed, in addition to improving muscle strength, it has the effect of regulating sleep thanks to its soothing effect.

But physical fitness does not come without mental fitness. The Rhodiola, it will rather act on the latter. This plant has adaptogenic properties that will counterbalance the harmful effects of stress. It will therefore control the mood and also improve the quality of sleep.

Plants offer us a wide range of benefits and virtues that need to be exploited. And to access these benefits, the simplest and most effective solution remains the cure of food supplements.

NB: Food supplements should be used to complement the diet and not replace it.
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