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Chlorophyll: Virtues and Benefits of Plant Pigment

Chlorophyll is one of the pigments that gives plants their green color. This pigment helps absorb light in the process of photosynthesis , a process that allows plants to absorb CO2 to create oxygen. In other words, it is this pigment that allows us to breathe.

However, the virtues of chlorophyll do not stop at oxygenating our atmosphere. Indeed, when consumed by humans, chlorophyll has numerous benefits for our health , acting as a true natural food supplement. It helps in particular to oxygenate the body but also to detoxify it.

This pigment is proving its worth more and more if it is applied to Men. Consumed by humans, chlorophyll will also oxygenate the body and detoxify it.

Why do we use chlorophyll?

Interest in chlorophyll is growing in different industries (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.). In fact, many benefits are listed.

Nutrients Contained in Chlorophyll

First, let's talk about the composition of chlorophyll. It is made up of Magnesium (Mg), an essential mineral for our body and a component known for its properties to combat bad odors . This chemical atom helps fight against the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad odors.

The Virtues of Chlorophyll for the Skin

In terms of the skin, it will play several roles.

First of all, it will contribute to and promote the regeneration of skin tissues in the event of wounds. Chlorophyll-based balms exist to help with healing.

This green pigment also has antioxidant properties which help slow down the aging of the skin . In fact, this type of food provides better elasticity to the skin and therefore cushions the appearance of wrinkles.

In addition, it helps limit damage caused by UV rays.

It has beneficial effects on certain skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or even dermatitis.

Its antioxidant properties have results on skin atopies such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, etc.

Chlorophyll: An Anti-Aging Food Supplement

Thanks to its antimutagenic effect, chlorophyll prevents the appearance of cancers by limiting the oxidation and mutations of DNA. As a result, it is often presented as an anti-aging food supplement par excellence.

Food Supplements Based on Chlorophyll

It is advisable to take chlorophyll treatments.

Chlorophyll is found in capsule, liquid or powder.

To embark on a treatment, you generally need:

  • a teaspoon of powder or 10-15 drops or 1 capsule with a large glass of water
  • 2x per day
  • at the end of a meal
  • for 3 weeks

This treatment helps detoxify the liver, stimulate the immune system, cleanse the digestive system, purify the blood...

You have to get started to revitalize yourself!

The advice given to you does not constitute a prescription. They are to be followed after a medical diagnosis. The goal is to help you find the right In & out routine to perfect your skin and overall health. All given elements act in coalition for optimal results. Be careful, you should never abandon a current treatment without prior advice from your doctor.