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We believe that the Earth is a treasure, that it conceals a multitude of natural benefits, and that it is up to us to discover them, bring them to light and share them, while respecting the cycle, the genesis, and those who live from it.

During a trip to the Middle East, Olivier Decazes hears about an ancestral plant with unusual virtues. It is said that it alleviates many evils, that its benefits are so broad that we do not know them all yet, and that it is difficult to list them.

He then worked with researchers, biologists, herbalists, until he met Doctor Rita Masoud, a French pharmacist of Egyptian origin, a specialist in nigella. Both of them then decide to explore the virtues of Nigella and its mysteries .

They then have the certainty that this plant will be the starting point of a greater story, which will bring to light immemorial plants .

Dromadaires avec soleil dans le désert

Since the dawn of time, peoples have come to terms with nature, they have observed it, looked at it, tamed it, discovered it. They inhabited it. They learned to live with what she gave them - benefits, fruits, elixirs. In the cycle of life, it took man many generations to adapt and make the most of what nature could offer him.

From these centuries that precede us, are born ancestral knowledge and a wisdom of the world that we can discover little by little. As long as we know how to listen. As long as we look at tradition with humility and benevolence.

Feu de bois face à la rivière

Water, air, earth, fire. We add plants, which are the most accomplished expression of the universal treasure that is nature. In the simplicity of natural life, the wisdom of man has experimented with all kinds of plants. She tested, discovered, sorted, then cultivated, and sometimes she was wrong. But she kept what was best, and she knew how to pass it on with concern for others, which is the secret of civilizations.

We believe in the wisdom of peoples and of traditions.

We believe that time, experience and wisdom have enabled man to retain the best of nature. Wisdom of the world and wisdom of generations. Blessed plants.

remarkable plants

Somehow, very often, what is good for a particular part of the body contributes to general well-being. Holistic beauty, holistic approach: modernity has invented nothing.

Also, from these remarkable plants, with food supplements, we will develop cosmetic ranges. For the body does not go without the soul, nor the soul without the body.

L'Officine du monde invites you on a journey to the heart of immemorial plants, those that have contributed to the well-being of the peoples who have preceded us.

The Nigella constitutes Chapter 1 of our book , before other plants, other ancestral riches, other assets to come.

Discover the nigella
Montagnes rocheuses

The world pharmacy

The Earth is a treasure, it holds a multitude of benefits.

Archaeologists of the invisible, it is up to us to discover them while respecting their cycles, their genesis and those who live from them.

The principles that govern us

L'Officine du Monde is drawing a trajectory, with medium and long-term objectives, which
we will realize little by little, as we develop.

  • Bulles de plantes

    Scientific view

    To reinforce tradition, with quality studies on active ingredients.

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  • Femmes qui plantes une fleur


    Via exclusive formulas and work on titled active ingredients whenever possible.

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  • Virtuous sourcing

    Organic whenever possible. Fair compensation for local producers.

The story of L'Officine du Monde has only just begun...

  • directeur général cosmétique cosmetic valley spécialiste nigelle

    Olivier Decazes


    Leader in cosmetics

  • Pharmacienne pharmacie spécialiste de la nigelle diplômée de paris-saclay

    Rita Masoud

    Doctor of Pharmacy and Nigella Specialist

  • Lydia Salib Wahba


  • Veronia Masoud


  • Matthew Tran

    Marketing / Communications

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