Dr.Rita Masoud

Me Rita, pharmacist graduated from Paris-Saclay and passionate about well-being and health, invites you to discover Nigella, a plant with a thousand incredible virtues and yet accessible to all.


Since I was little, I have been immersed in fields, plants, flowers and nature. My father, Egyptian and owning fields of nigella and cotton, introduced me to the love of fauna and flora.

Unaware of the virtues of the plants around me, my
curiosity began to awake when my mother gave me black cumin seeds to treat my stomach aches and soothe my allergies. Little by little, the nigella has become part of our daily diet, thanks to the oil extracted from the seeds.
Also suffering from psoriasis from a very young age, I saw my mother gently apply black cumin oil to my plaques, which gradually faded.

Over time ...

I discovered this plant; I was passionate about his wealth; I measured the extent of its benefits. I knew that, later, I would strive to update what makes it unique.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, discover all its virtues thanks to our scientific study carried out by leading researchers from the University of Paris Saclay by clicking here .

My ambition: to create Nigella-based formulas that complement the care given to patients.

Olivier Decazes Directeur général shiseido LVMH fondateur l'officine du monde spécialiste de la nigelle

Olivier Decazes

It is thanks to a meeting that this project and this story began. I, Olivier Decazes, head of cosmetics in large groups, discovered Nigella during a trip to the Middle East.
I heard about this millennial plant which was part of the beauty ritual of the pharaohs, and which has also accompanied all ancient medicines until today, to the point of becoming a health and well-being secret transmitted since 3000 year. To discover and dive into the history of nigella in more detail, follow this link .
As soon as I returned to France, I offered Rita to work with me. She was the expert, the one who knew the plant best, its culture and all that it could give. Together, we decided to give life to this too little known wealth, and to create a unique range around the Nigella, the plant with a thousand virtues.

The birth

From there was born L'Officine du Monde, a universe offering food supplements and oils based on Nigella. By working on the active principle of the oil, thymoquinone, we have exploited the virtues of this plant in an unequaled way, so that it meets your needs in an optimal way.

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