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An oil that can be both applied to the skin and ingested...synergy guaranteed!

This is the innovative concept of "In & Out" or "nutricosmetics": a holistic beauty concept which allows a multiplication of benefits on a beauty routine basis but also on a dietary basis.

But how does it work?

Whether in capsules, ampoules, capsules, oils, powders or even gummies, certain food supplements mainly targeting the various disorders that can affect your skin, your nails or your hair, simultaneously correct these problems at the source, internally, at the same time. title as food.

Thus, the consumption of supplements must accompany a diversified and healthy diet, and must in no case become a substitute for it.

Why adopt the In & out concept? 

We can cite several cases here: deficits in intake, an insufficiently varied diet, certain restrictive eating behaviors (example of the vegan diet lacking vitamin B12) or even a fortiori nutrient deficiencies, of various origins (health disorders). absorption, chronic stress, regular consumption of alcohol, medications, etc.) may require supplementation.

Let us now illustrate our remarks with an example: vitamin A.

Particularly present in foods of animal origin in the form of retinol (the most active form and directly assimilated by your body) and in orange-colored plants or in green vegetables (sweet potato, carrot, spinach, etc.) in the form of beta-carotene (precursors of vitamin A, transformed into retinol at the intestinal level), vitamin A is now well known. Its benefits are multiple. We can, and in a non-exhaustive manner, cite its anti-oxidant, protective properties, fighting among other things against free radicals, repairing and healing, or even stimulating the production of melanin in certain sun supplements.

Strengthen your immune system thanks to the innovative In & Out concept

Your immune defenses are an essential shield against external attacks . To maintain the proper functioning of this system, the adoption of a diet rich in nutrients is essential (vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, trace elements, etc.) This is where the innovative concept comes in. In & Out" or "nutricosmetics", a holistic beauty concept that goes beyond the classic beauty routine to include a nutritional dimension

These food supplements, available in different forms - capsules, ampoules, capsules, oils, powders, or even gummies - mainly target the various disorders that can affect your skin, your nails or your hair, but also the proper functioning of your immune system. Their role ? At the same time, correct these problems at the source, internally, in the same way as the power supply

Rich foods to boost your immunity

A diversified and healthy diet is essential to strengthen your immune system. It should include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, valuable sources of minerals and antioxidants. These are essential to combat oxidative stress , a process which, when too intense, can weaken your immune defenses and promote the onset of inflammatory diseases.

Foods rich in omega-3 , such as fatty fish, nuts or flaxseed oil, also contribute to the proper functioning of your immune system. These essential fatty acids play a role in reducing inflammatory processes in the body.

Tips of the house

Black Cumin or Nigella oil is today considered an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent (In!), allowing additional management of acne (Out!).

For every problem, its Nigella Sativa!