Qu’est-ce que le layering ?

What is layering?


What is layering?

This technique from Japan is a real beauty routine very widespread in Asia. She begins to make herself known in France.

The virtues of this technique are numerous, but overall they allow you to have a uniform and almost perfect complexion thanks to the sublimation of the skin.

Layering or even "millefeuille care", consists of successively putting several layers of different care on your face, but only after a double cleansing of the skin. There are 6 essential steps to do in the same direction of superposition. Each layer brings benefits to the previous one.

How it works ?

The use and benefits of the products consist of:

  1. Make- up remover oil : it perfectly removes make-up from the eyes, lips and complexion. Ultra effective against waterproof. Following oil make-up removal, your skin remains supple and perfectly comfortable, without tightness.
  2. Cleansing gel : The cleansing gel helps cleanse the skin in order to eliminate all impurities deeply embedded.
  3. Lotion/tonic : It eliminates limescale residues, soothes and reveals the radiance of the complexion.
  4. Eye contour : This is the thinnest and most fragile area of ​​the body. This is why the first signs of aging are visible in this area. The eye contour moisturizes, smoothes fine lines and illuminates the look by correcting dark circles.
  5. Serum : It prepares the skin before applying the cream. It reinforces its action.
  6. Day cream with SPF : moisturizes and protects the skin on a daily basis and provides it with specific care according to your age and/or the quality of your skin.
  7. Lip balm : allows possible protection against external aggressions while providing softness and volume to the lips. Remember to overlap slightly to prevent wrinkles around the lips.

It is important before starting your layering routine to define the priorities to be treated for your skin. You can treat: dull complexion, pigment spots, redness, wrinkles or even acne .

In cosmetics, prevention is better than cure! Thanks to this technique, we limit the damage to the skin: damage that occurs over time and that is irreversible once installed.

The skin evolves according to climatic conditions, lifestyle or even medical treatments. In addition, hormones have a major influence on his current state.

The skin is a living and fragile organism. It's up to you to adapt your routine to all these changes over time!

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